1) Luego de la cinematica con steve en la pc, usar la palanca que se encuentra en la pared, esto activará la perciana de afuera del edificio, en la zona de la guillotina

 2) recoger el emblema dorado y usarlo en la maquina impresora 3D 

3) dirigirse a la perciana, abrirla y recoger el pomo de la puerta, con él podremos abrir la puerta cerrada en la zona de las celdas del inicio 

4) allí recogeremos el extintor, con él podremos apagar las llamas del barracón quemado, allí podremos encontrar la llave de la oficina del cementerio 

5) ir a la oficina del cementerio ,usar la llave y dentro podremos encontrar el maletin con el Material TG-01 

 6) usar el Material TG-01 en la maquina de impresion 3D, nos dará el emblema plateado

 7) usar el emblema plateado en la puerta del patio para finalizar la demo. 

8) podremos a usar a Steve en el hall del palacio para explorarlo


1) After the cinematic with steve on the pc, use the lever on the wall, this will activate the shutter outside the building, in the guillotine area 

2) collect the golden emblem and use it on the 3D printer machine 

3) go to the shutter, open it and pick up the door knob, with it we can open the closed door in the area of ​​the cells at the beginning 

4) there we will collect the fire extinguisher, with it we can extinguish the flames of the burned barracks, there we can find the key to the cemetery office 

5) go to the cemetery office, use the key and inside we can find the briefcase with Material TG-01 

6) Use TG-01 Material in the 3D printing machine, it will give us the silver emblem 

7) use the silver emblem on the patio door to end the demo. 

8) we can use Steve in the hall of the palace to explore it

About Game:

It is a Remake made by fans that recreates the entire game, following the style of Re2 and Re3 Remake and at the same time respecting the original game a lot.

Gameplay totally reimagined and adapted, so you can relive the events of Rockfort Island in a whole new way 

Of course totally free, ALL rights belong to Capcom and this Project has no commercial purpose or anything like that.

We do NOT accept money or donations from anyone, this is a project that we do for the love of the franchise and for sheer fun

Watch gameplay video!

Feel the horror!

For All players!!

 There will be many game modes!

among them:


*Remake mode, with third person camera and faithful but expanded scenarios. 

*Classic mode, with a fixed camera just like the original game and scenarios recreated and faithful to the original.

Recreated environment with many details

We have recreated the game taking care of many details and adding new 

Live and Experience a totally terrifying atmosphere, as you help Claire escape from the Island!

Improved cinematics. 

Brand new gameplay.

 Extended scenarios 

Puzzles as in the original game 

Saves Room 

Recreated objects

All the objects in the game have been recreated, such as keys, cards, weapons, ammunition, medicine, everything will be there for you to use.

Experience a full game Remake.

Survive the Tyrant T-078

You must survive its immense power, because oh yes... it will haunt you..

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