Resident Evil 96 Edition

Resident Evil 96 Edition

Want to take a walk through the past?

Come get lost and enjoy a classic experience,

Relive the original events in Spencer Manor, based on the original 1996 game.

Thanks to the maps provided by artist Javi Perroautonomo, you will be able to explore and survive in an extremely faithful recreation of the original mansion.


*There will be both Chris and Jill campaigns, and they will be released at the same time, so there will be no waiting time

*The game will be translated into many languages

*Inventory very reduced as in the original

*All the cinematics will be recreated.

*Original game fully recreated

Learn more about Javi (Perroautonomo), who has recreated the original 1996 Spencer mansion and provided it for us to create this game. He himself is working on a first person Resident Evil 2 with the scenery also fully recreated true to the original game. You can check out his work on his websites!

Resident evil 96 Edition is created by Briins, Matt Croft and DarkNemesisUmbrella.

It is a totally separate game from the Resident Evil 1 and Code Veronica Remakes that we are also making.

It is worth clarifying that this game will be released after Resident Evil Remake Remake Chapter 1.

The idea of this game is to recreate the original game under another perspective in third person.

This game, like the others, will be released in chapters, possibly 2-3 chapters.