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About the Project

It is a remake made in Unity Engine by a group of fans. It will be released in 3 chapters.

The game will be totally FREE.

Each chapter will have an approximate duration of 4 hours.

All rights belong to Capcom, if they decide to cancel it, the project will stop automatically.

If you would like to help us, we would appreciate it

If you would like to help us, we would appreciate it


The game will be released in multiple languages from the day of release.

among them, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, and many more!

The language can be changed from within the game itself, no need to download other versions.

New Game System

Revisit Rockfort Island, with our new gameplay system, we have renewed the entire system that we had in the Demo to achieve more stability and get a more Resident Evil experience.

*New animations, so that the movements feel more natural.

*New Zombies system, now they will be able to bite you and will be more similar to Capcom zombies.

if you have a defense knife, you will be able to get rid of them!

*Now you can dodge, similar to what we saw in Resident Evil 3 Remake.

Interactions with the environment

*Rain and fire reaction system Claire will react with animation when approaching fire or getting wet with rain.

*Claire will get wet with the rain and we will be able to see how her clothes, skin and hair get wet

Then, when it enters closed places, it will dry automatically until it is completely dry.

Something similar we will see with the scenarios, the objects/walls that are under the rain, will be wet with water running through them.


Survive the powerful tyrant T0-78 who will chase you and attack without mercy. 

He was released by Alfred Ashford to stop Claire Redfield's escape from the island.

He will do the impossible to accomplish his objective.

You will also face many other enemies, Bandersnatch, dogs and more!

Bandersnatch , these dangerous enemies can stretch their arm beyond their normal limits, 

They will attack you from a distance and reach you easily,
Be very careful with them!

Graphical enhancement

We have graphically improved the scenarios that have been seen in the demo, in addition to a redesigned lighting.

We will optimize as much as possible so that everyone can play without performance problems.

We will also release a Lite version, which will be for PCs with very low resources.with very strong internal changes in the lighting, as well as in the rest of the elements.

The idea of this version is that nobody is left out without being able to play the Remake.

(It is worth clarifying that, of course, in the Normal game, it will be possible to configure and adjust the graphic quality).

Take care of your ammunition

If you would like to help us, we would appreciate it

About the future

Once the project is finished, we will see new game modes, we will make a vote with various modes and you will with several modes and you will choose which one we will work on.


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